Pica Pica brings independent places in Rotterdam together with a Parade

Magpie (Latin: Pica pica) is one of the most intelligent birds and is known for his passion for collecting striking glittering objects. Pica Pica Foundation aims to collect the most striking and newest places in different districts of Rotterdam during the Pica Pica Parade. The first edition has been organized in June, July and August 2016 at 26 different places in the city, with the center as a focal point. Followed by a Winterparade in February 2017 at 8 locations in the city center of Rotterdam. And now it’s time for a second edition of the summer parade on June, July and August 2017 on another 26 new locations all around Rotterdam.

“Several neighborhoods in attendance are having more and more unique places (coffee shops, barber shops, concept stores, cafés, design shops, streetwear, etc), but still work very independently. We want to contribute to the accessibility and diversity of Rotterdam culture by putting these places on the map,” says the organization as their biggest motivation. Through ‘Pica Pica Parade‘ the best independent spots and locations in Rotterdam are connected by a shared theme music and art.

New Rotterdam musicians are brought together with local artists during the Parade with several instore and terrace concerts. But also think of art exhibitions by local Rotterdam artists, as well as Pica Pica will show the Netherlands that Rotterdam has very much to offer and is a developing city where emerging initiatives will get a fair chance to bloom. People from outside the city will experience Rotterdam like a local during the Parade.